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Untamed Success Positive TV

Episode 1

Welcome to Untamed Success, Positive TV
Lee Milteer’s Untamed Success Positive TV Episode will inspire you to transform you life and business to one of ease and stop allowing the world to limit your potential. This show will remind you to move past old fears and take action on what you want to create for your future.

Episode 2

Get out of Chaos and Take Back Your Life!
Lee will give you tips and strategies for handling all of the challenges associated with life, society, and the economy today.

Episode 3

How to Reinvent Your Life!
This episode focuses on Mental rehearsal and how to use it to reach your goals. Break Free from routine and develop powerful ways to reach your goals through visualization.

Episode 4

Intuition: The New Common Sense
Lee Milteer’s Untamed Success Positive TV Episode 4 is called Intuition: The New Common Sense. In this episode, Lee discusses the importance of using Intuition in business and life decisions, how you can claim the power to use your instincts, and will provide tips on how to use and strengthen your intuition.

Episode 5

Overcoming Unproductive Behaviors
In this episode, Lee shares some of her personal challenges that she’s overcome, and gives advice on how to first find success from within.

Episode 6

Live Bigger, Dream Bigger
This Episode is all about Manifesting Your Goals with Visual Programming

Episode 7

Expect the Unexpected.
When things are good, we aren’t interested in protecting ourselves. We’re not as motivated to invest in our future. But what happens when you get sideswiped by the unexpected? Don’t wait for the worst to happen. Become a Lifetime Learner

Episode 8

Taking Back Your Time.
The number one reason people are not successful is because they don’t have integrity with their time.

Episode 9

Take Back Your Personal Power
In this episode of Lee Milteer’s Untamed Success, Positive TV, Lee discusses ways you can take back your personal power from the gloom and doom diet of every day events.

Episode 10

Tame the Dragons Holding You Back!
Lee Milteer discusses the dragons like insecurity, fear, and procrastination that keep you from being the untamed success you deserve to be.

Episode 11

Creating Prosperity Regardless of the Economy
Creating wealth and abundance has a lot more to do with your internal decisions and physical actions than the state of the economy.

Episode 12

Don’t Listen to the Naysayers
Lee Milteer discusses going for your hopes and dreams, and not giving up, regardless of what those around you think.

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