The Complete Entrepreneurial Assistant’s Training & Motivation System


Discover The Ultimate Solution To Having (And Keeping)
A Well-Trained, Superstar Assistant & Staff
That Thinks Like You Do,
Makes Your Life EASIER,
And Makes You MORE MONEY

You’re about to discover how all the dreadful and time-consuming training can be DONE FOR YOU!
Have you tried (perhaps many times) to hire and train and keep a good assistant only to find that you don’t have the time or the capacity to train them properly?
Have you been through several assistants already and been unable to find one that actually improves your work efficiency and makes you more profitable?
Do you know that you NEED HELP, but have no idea where to begin or how to go about training staff so you can leverage your time and devote more time and energy doing what you love and what you do best?
If you’re like most maxed entrepreneurs I work with, you are either hesitant to hire the help you need because you have no time, patience, or expertise in how to train an EFFECTIVE assistant and you don’t want to waste your money … OR … you’ve tried and tried and tried again and you can’t seem to keep an assistant around (or find a long-term keeper).
I’ve heard all the horror stories and lived through some of my own in the early years before I solved the problem.
You don’t want to hire a “green” assistant because of the time it will take to train that person from scratch. But you DON’T want a corporate assistant either because of corporate mentality...
For business owners like you, one of the biggest causes of the pain associated with hiring, training, and keeping good staff is that most of the pool of assistants come from the corporate world and you get corporate world thinking and a whole lot of waste...because in the corporate world things are different...people waste time and resources, or worse, unconsciously STEAL time and resources...because they don’t know any better, there's no accountability, and it's just the Company’s money.
Well, YOU are the company, and it’s your money!  A no-accountability environment will result in flushing money down the drain and I know you don’t want that.

The Ultimate Goal …

The ULTIMATE GOAL is to have staff who will think “BIG picture” and accomplish administrative tasks while keeping a money-making frame of mind. In my office we say “Follow The MONEY.” And that’s exactly what you need your staff to do. This person must be EFFECTIVE for your business, not just efficient. To put it another way …
You need an assistant to think like a business owner … to think like you!
But again, you simply don’t have the time or the capacity to manifest this superstar. You need to have this “big picture” thinking, assistant who understands your needs and treats your business like it’s their own, without you having to do the training yourself. (and let’s face it: you’re not winning any awards for your training skills).
Well you’re going to be ecstatic because you’re about to find out how to end the nightmare and finally KICK your business forward with an effective, money-making assistant.

(and my priceless assistant Carly Jones O'Connor) have spent the last 5 years quietly creating the ULTIMATE, one-stop-shop, done-for-you, solution…

The Complete Entrepreneurial Assistant’s Training & Motivation System

Being an entrepreneur and having a staff person is a big thing. Unlike those big corporations, in your business, your staff plays an instrumental role in the success or failure of your business. They are a critical piece to the puzzle and you can’t afford to go all willy-nilly with their training. You might be a horrible trainer (most entrepreneurs are) but they need to get it somewhere, right? That’s where The Complete Entrepreneurial Assistant’s Training & Motivation System comes in. The system actually integrates into your staff’s daily working life, with hands-on systems, resources, and tips that become a working office manual—a go-to guide with all of your processes and procedures available so anyone can do the job.
I didn’t just do this for you. I did this for myself too!
For years I traveled a great deal, and spent quite a bit of time out of the office…I needed my business to run smoothly while I was gone, so I created solid and easy-to-use systems for my staff. And when Carly came along, she took those systems and refined them to the point where people would ask if they could steal her away, or how they could get their own Carly, and an idea was born…
Carly started putting together her job responsibilities, the personal guidelines she works by, success habits, personal rules, her mission statement, and the strategies I taught her for working with me in a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment.
Then Carly assembled practical tools like phone and email guidelines, tools and tips to be more effective and productive, and her own personal money-saving resource guide. We LOVE a good deal… my office saves big $$$$$ each year because of this guide!
Carly also created a Data Resource CD full of templates, productivity tools, and resources that can be swiped and used as-is, or slightly modified to fit ANY Small Business staff’s needs, regardless of what industry or business you’re in.
Carly covered the practical side of things, but the materials she included do not teach one of the most important functions an Entrepreneurial Assistant needs to have–thinking like an owner!
Seeing the big picture and thinking like YOU is a big part of what you need from your assistant and I’ve worked hard to instill those thought processes and behaviors in my staff. So I’ve also included the vital component of mindset coaching CDs from me.

Now this resource truly is The Complete Entrepreneurial Assistant’s Training System!

Your assistant will receive a PACKED binder that somehow still has plenty of room for growth and customization.  This one component, created by a highly effective, superstar entrepreneurial assistant, could stand on its own as a complete daily guide, educational resource, and action plan for maximum productivity.  It’s appropriately named, The Entrepreneurial Assistant’s Resource Guide and Productivity Plan.

Think “BIG PICTURE” and Follow the Money

This binder contains a thorough introduction (and somewhat of a personal letter from Carly to your assistant). It’s Carly’s way of introducing that person to this very different, very fast-paced entrepreneurial business world where the decisions your assistant makes every day about how to spend his or her time truly affect your bottom line.
There’s an extensive list of successful habits that your assistant will need to adopt, an attitude guideline for teamwork, and another EXTENSIVE list of “Rules to follow while in the office” will create boundaries and set clear expectations. Plus, procedures on your time vs. their time, instructions on developing their individual mission statement that will guide their daily initiatives, tips for creating a productive work environment, guidelines on the importance of follow-up, and list from me on things your assistant can do for you.
This is where your assistant will learn from my own highly effective assistant and me to THINK BIG PICTURE and FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Your Protector and Ambassador

Next is an entire section on how to handle emails and phone calls. This is NOT “101” stuff.  You’d be surprised how efficiently your time can be managed by proper phone and email communication from your assistant.
The section contains rules of conduct that you may not have thought of and will ensure that your assistant is an excellent protector of your time
and Ambassador for your business.
In addition to guidelines and tips, it includes example phone logs, example inquiry sheets, and appointment taking procedures.
Remember, for many people, an email or a phone call is their first connection with you personally. How these things are handled (and not just the tone of voice) are vital to your ability to cultivate profitable relationships and boost your own productivity so you can continue to make MORE money.

MAXIMUM Productivity … So YOU Get Your Money’s Worth 

Next is the biggest, and arguably the most important, section on Productivity!  This is where your assistant will learn (and have a daily resource) to implement EFFECTIVELY, not just efficiently.  You’ll find procedures and guidelines for your assistant’s schedule, daily activity chart, tickler files, lists, and time-saving tactics. Plus he or she will get experts tips on how to be MORE productive, how to get MORE profitable things done right, and how to keep track of it all.
This section will show your assistant how to GET MORE PROFIT WORK DONE and make your life easier.  At the end of the day, that’s what this is all about.  An assistant is supposed to make your life EASIER.  This section covers how to be the most productive with that goal in mind.
Remember, that’s a huge reason why you need an assistant to begin with—you want someone to lighten your load! You need to be able to focus on what you do best—working ON your business. Not in it.
It also includes a transcript of an interview I conducted with Sherrie Russell who was the Executive Assistant to Bill Glazer, Founder of Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle.  This interview is full of FANTASTIC ideas on implementation which is a huge part of your assistant’s job.  There’s productivity GOLD in this interview for YOU and your assistant.

Carly’s Money-Making Resource Guide

As I said earlier, this guide that we constantly update has saved my office BIG money.  No more wondering what your options are for Customer Relationship Management, Vendors, Suppliers, Press Releases, Duplication & Fulfillment companies, Promotional Products, Membership Sites, and so much more.
The section also includes some other useful resources including an “Overcoming Challenges” Strategy Plan, an Inquiry Tracker, a Travel Profile for you, Travel Folder example, and a Complex Projects Checklist example.
All this would cost you money and time to do on your own.

Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Off, and MAKE SOME MONEY

Let’s face it, we all have what I call “character building days” and moments. What’s important is that your assistant is equipped with the tools and knowledge of how to handle stress and the challenges that will definitely be a part of their lives in your business.
This section contains tips and strategies on how to stress less at work, handle constructive criticism, protect their self-esteem, avoid frazzle and frustration, and have –dare I say – FUN at work!

The Nitty Gritty About How To Operate YOUR Business

We’ve left space and a good guideline for how to develop and maintain standard operating procedures for your business.  This includes vendor contact lists, procedures for order-filling, capturing and marketing to new clients, policies specific to your company, etc.
This Complete Entrepreneurial Assistant’s Training & Motivation System is a living, daily functioning, doctrine if you will, that will encompass everything your assistant needs to know to SUCCEED at making your life EASIER. There’s room for growth and we’ve included a few blank sections with suggestions for how your assistant can customize it for what works best for your business.

But The Complete Entrepreneurial Assistant’s Training & Motivation System Would NOT Be Complete Without

The MOTIVATION & Mindset Portion …

I can’t stress enough how IMPORTANT the following components are to the success (or failure) of your staff. This person MUST think like you and act accordingly. He or she MUST FOLLOW THE MONEY. All of that takes programming and practice. That’s why I created CD programs to go along with the program… To ensure that your assistant gets the mental training necessary for success.
It’s a harsh reality to admit, but if people were born with this programming already working in the subconscious, you’d already have an amazing assistant that consistently makes you more profitable … because there’d be expert assistants everywhere!
It’s tough to find a great assistant because people aren’t necessarily born with the mental attributes or had any exposure to success thinking. THESE CDS WILL “PROGRAM” YOUR ASSISTANT TO SUPPORT YOUR VISION AND YOUR MISSION WITH THEIR EVERY ACTION!
The following CD sets are included with The Entrepreneurial Assistant’s Training & Motivation System. What I cover on these CDs is so integral to positive and productive work habits that you’ll wonder how you ever survived without them …

Keys to Performance Excellence and Career Success

CD 1, Personal Coaching– shows your employees why doing a great job for you benefits them.
CD 2, Programming for Professionalism– teaches your assistant to own their authority to choose their destiny in life … every day. And that means your assistant will be “programmed” to be consciouslyproductive for your business.
CD 3, Capitalize on Change– instructs your assistant to program themselves with the information they want to put in their “computer” (a.k.a., their brain), and get out of the status quo to experience a constant state of purposeful action.
CD 4, The Entrepreneurial Spirit at Work –I don’t need to tell you that entrepreneurs are a different “breed” of people.  You know your family and friends don’t get it, but your assistant MUST GET YOU. This CD teaches them what they need to know about how your mind works and what your tendencies as an entrepreneur will mean to their everyday life. Most importantly, it tells them how to support your entrepreneurial spirit.  How refreshing!
CD 5, Stress Management Prevention – Important mindset and tools for handling stress are discussed here to prevent burn out and eventual breakdown. Believe me, the stress will arrive. Your assistant needs to be prepared.
CD 6, The Power of Excellence for Creating Prosperity – This “house cleaning” CD is focused on programming your assistant to experience joy in their work, expect EXCELLENCE from themselves in everything they do, and create perpetual prosperity by acknowledging and focusing on success.
CD 7, Goal Setting-Balance for Career and personal Life –This is a key area of inner work that your assistant (and you, by the way) NEED to do in order to get where you want to go. Much like driving a car, it’s a darn good idea to have a destination in mind. This CD walks your assistant through how to form that destination in their mind (for both work and personal life) and even how to adjust as you decide to change the destination.  Your assistant will THRIVE with something to STRIVE for personally!
CDs 8 & 9, Reinventing Your Life for Career Success Part 1&2 – Taking ownership of your thoughts, beliefs, and ultimate actions are imperative attributes for your successful assistant.  They must shed negative and harmful belief systems that prevent optimism and forward movement.  They’ll also discover a little thing I like to call TEAMWORK – an essential ingredient to your business’ success.
CD 10, Secrets of Implementation – An interview with Sherrie Russell, Executive Assistant to Bill Glazer, founder of Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle. This interview is full of Fantastic ideas on implementation which is a huge part of your assistant’s job.
These CDs will give your assistant the tools to GROW, change, MAKE MONEY for you, and be happy in their work environment!
Plus, they can double as done-for-you office meeting training.
All of our work and knowledge can now take a TON of work off you. Carly and I have done all of the leg work. Instead of taking the time to train your new assistant (or polish your current assistant’s skills) on things like the importance of follow-up, how to give the best customer service possible, phone etiquette, how to be more effective and productive, and most importantly, HOW TO FOLLOW THE MONEY …
All you have to do is give your assistant the program along with the basic information about your business…the rest will simply fall into place.
Carly has been my assistant for 8 years and worked for five of those putting this system together…it’s taken that long to get these many amazing resources together. Taking the time to figure all of this out on your own would probably result in several assistants and retraining each as they came and left. It would essentially result in time and money down the drain!

We REALLY mean it when we say it does ALL the training for you!

Not only do we do all the training but there’s support to get your assistant going and get the most out of the program with the least amount of effort. Carly created a Quick Start Guide with what to expect and specific suggestions on the best way to use each part of the program so you can have a fully trained superstar assistant and fully operational office manual.
What if your assistant is in a wreck and has to take 2 weeks for a broken ankle (it’s happened to me before), then what? You can’t shut your business down because she’s not there. You’ll need to be able to continue daily processes—with this system, you’ll be able to see exactly how everything is done. You’ll have a solid, laid-out system of Standard operating procedures, passwords, everything needed to run the administrative side of your business.
You might be thinking …
Yeah but…I don’t want to take the time to write up the interview questions, applications, and all the stuff I need in order to hire someone…Oh, you won’t have to. Carly and I included an awesome Owner’s Bonus that’s got all that covered. There are job posting samples, interview questions, and templates for hiring paperwork, plus advice from Hiring Expert Barry Shamis with cutting edge hiring practices. It also includes a Ton of useful suggestions for rewarding and recognizing employees (this helps make them stick around—everyone likes a pat on the back for a job well-done).
But I’m no good at training. EXACTLY! Most entrepreneurs aren’t. Even I, who have trained thousands and thousands of people on performance and productivity have the “here it is, figure it out” method of training my own staff. I understand that pain.
But this program doesn’t apply to my industry. Sure it does. What we have here are clear systems that work –for anyone! Any of the examples of checklists, forms, and templates can be modified to fit ANY needs, but most are already ready for any entrepreneurial office.
But you Don’t know EXACTLY what goes on in my office …you’re right, but there are a lot of administrative tasks that are similar across the board. I mean, filing is filing, no matter what your system is. And for the things that are different? No worries – your assistant gets the tools to work with any situation – to adopt and rise to the occasion, no matter what it is. Remember, your assistant isn’t only getting effective and easy to use training on the technical side of things, they’re also going to learn how to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit, deal with stress, and use the tools provided to overcome any challenge, and adapt to any task you set forth.
But if I need an assistant so badly, why wouldn’t I just get a Virtual Assistant? Well, for starters, the lack of a physical presence severely limits what a VA can do for you. You also don’t know what they’re doing so you can’t ever have 100% accountability. You have to suffer from their severe lack of discipline (which costs YOU money). Most importantly though, they have their own business needs to look after, whereas your employee has YOUR business needs to look after.
But I’m a Solo-preneur…All the more reason why you need an assistant. Do you REALLY need to be focusing on the pesky admin tasks of running a business? NO! Does filing, shipping orders, answering phones, and ordering office supplies make you money? Maybe indirectly, but not really… your talents are in the BIG PICTURE of things—focusing on the vision…Remember Pareto’s Principle—The 80/20 Rule: 20% of your activities make 80% of your income. A SMART Entrepreneur delegates the 80% of tasks that don’t make money in order to focus on the 20% that do! Let someone else handle the rest.
You’ll have a new fully functioning, EFFECTIVE assistant moving your business forward, freeing your time, freeing your mental space, reducing your stress, making you more profitable as soon as next week!
Most importantly, you will NOT have to take time away from what’s most important – you bringing in the money!
You can be assured that EVERYTHING your assistant needs to know about how to support a solo entrepreneur and be supremely EFFECTIVE is included in the package.
Just imagine …
✔ No more time spent on administrative duties – your business can operate like a well-oiled machine!
✔ You’ll get back to the important part- bringing in the money and getting MORE SALES
✔ You’ll have an evergreen training program that will be just as relevant in 10 years as it is today.
✔ Your assistant will use and refer back to this information over and over again for consistent supportor to give themselves a turbo boost refresher.
If you need more help in your office or need to train a new assistant you’ll have everything they need to succeed ready at your fingertips.
Your employee will be in a “money making” frame of mind to boost your business and give you your money’s worth (your assistant’s salary)
As you may know, I’m a Performance and Productivity Coach.  I’ve written books and counseled and trained over a million people on personal productivity and peak performance.  This particular area of entrepreneurial life is my sweet spot! I know how to get the maximum performance out of myself and those around me.

I’ve spent more years than I care to mention honing these skills. Teaching and empowering people to perform at their very best is my gift to the world. I’ve dedicated my career to it and results don’t lie.
Walt Disney, AT&T, XEROX, IBM, Ford Motor Co., NASA, Federal Express, 3 M, Sales & Marketing Executive International, plus hundreds of government agencies and scores of conventions, associations meetings and Niche Market Events repeatedly retain me to inspire and motivate their audiences with up-to-date strategies for peak performance, productivity, and Millionaire Smarts®.  I’ve even developed training programs for Bell Telephone, the U.S. Navy, Dun & Bradstreet, the U.S. Air Force and many private companies.
Suffice it to say that productivity and peak performance is my business! There’s no one better for your assistant to learn from about how to think and act PROFITABLY for your business than from me and my highly effective assistant. In fact …
✔ None of your time will be spent on training so you can spend MORE TIME MAKING MONEY
✔ You’ll have an assistant, no matter his or her background thinking in the “big picture” frame of mind so you won’t be the only one who cares about your business’ bottom line. You’ll have meaningful support.
✔ You’ll have an assistant thinking like a business owner … that means that they don’t waste time on Facebook or doing their online banking … they will understand that time IS money and they will strive to make every minute on the job count toward MORE PROFIT!
✔You won’t miss a step in training – you won’t have to worry that you didn’t teach them something important because it’s ALL covered in the program. So you won’t have to put ANY energy toward worry, training, mindset or motivation. It’s all DONE FOR YOU.
Now you can get back to making MORE MONEY then you did before!
But I don’t expect that you’ll just take my word for it.  As the saying goes … the proof is in the pudding!  Take a look at what other Entrepreneurs are saying about the POWER of this system…

An IMMEDIATE Difference In Productivity
“Lee, as you know, trying to find an assistant who can keep up with us dysfunctional, ADD riddled, often distracted entrepreneurs is kind of like trying to mine for gold…it takes several tons of earth to find just one ounce!
Having had the pleasure of working with your office, I knew Carly represented that ounce of gold. In truth, I often have found myself quite jealous that you had someone so competent and on the money. When I found out you and Carly were putting this program together I was more excited than a novice salesman collecting a check for his first closed deal…that is to say I was jazzed!
And when the program arrived, I felt a new surge of excitement, but it was mixed with some skepticism. While I have found everything I’ve ever purchased from you to be first class, I also have experience with programs from others that are, shall we say, a little substandard when it comes to delivery.
I can unequivocally tell you, there was no reason for any skepticism on my
part. The program delivers, and delivers and when you think it can’t be any better, delivers more. I was amazed at how quickly my assistant got through it, and how much of an IMMEDIATE difference it made in her productivity…and as a result, my productivity.

It took Rachel less than one day, and as I said, the results were incredible.

In the “Entrepreneurial Jungle” where time is money and FAST implementation is King a good assistant is key…more than key they are critical. Like most entrepreneurs, I get bored with details quickly and easily. Being able to pass a rough draft of an idea off to Rachel and knowing she will see it through without me holding her hand each step is invaluable. If I have to execute my ideas, they don’t happen or happen badly because I just don’t see to the details like Rachel does.
In particular She is making wonderful us of all the turn key forms you provide.
Let’s face it, Walt is remembered, but without Roy…no Disney World!! In the same way, a good assistant is the “wind beneath our wings,” and without one we’re all in trouble. This program makes finding and training an assistant easy…as unbelievable as that may seem.
Thank you so much for putting it together!


“It Will Pay For Itself In Less Than A Month!”

“Finally, a training and motivational program for the Entrepreneur’s assistants and team members that works and really takes a ton work off my shoulders!
I am so impressed with Lee Milteer’s new Complete Entrepreneurial Assistant’s Training & Motivation System because this is the most in-depth and complete assistant training program I’ve ever seen. I travel a lot for my business and to be able to hand over this system to my assistant, and any new assistant I bring in, has been a huge relief for me. Like most other busy and overworked entrepreneurs I don’t have the patience or time to baby sit my assistants.
Lee has created a system that takes all the heavy lifting off me. There are all sorts of templates and other done-for-you tools that help my assistants work smarter and use their time more effectively. One of the things I like best about this program is the built in motivation CD’s that are geared to help my staff think like business owners. Between the systems that are included and the training Lee does with my staff, they now understand me better and know why I want things done certain ways.
This program is a no brainer. It will pay for itself in less than a month!
I highly recommend Lee Milteer’s Complete Entrepreneurial Assistant’s Training & Motivation System.If you want your team to be more effective, and more motivated to help you be more successful in your business, this program is a must have. It will bring your business a lot of peace and harmony!”

Diane Conklin
Stone Mountain, GA

“An Amazing time Saver”

“Let’s face it; training assistants and new employees is a drag! But effective staff training is critically important to the success of your business. Trouble is, for many entrepreneurs proper training takes a lot of time. Well, that’s the beauty and genius of The Complete Entrepreneurial Assistant’s Training & Motivation Program developed by Lee Milteer and Carly Jones. Lee and Carly have done all the heavy lifting for you with this complete A-Z training program. This program is not only an amazing time saver, it is chock full of great resources to get you and your staff on the same page.”

Jim Palmer – The Newsletter Guru
Exton, PA

Get MORE Time WithOUT Working More Hours

“As a busy entrepreneur and business owner two of the things I value most highly are time and productivity. The Complete Entrepreneurial Assistant’s Training and Motivation Program provides more of both, times two. By helping my team be more productive and use time more wisely, it has a significant ripple effect to my time and productivity as well. This program helps you accomplish things you would likely never get to on your own – building systems to help your assistant(s) work smarter and make a bigger difference in their work. If you want more time without working more hours – giving you more time to do what you do to create greater profits, buy and use this program.”

Kevin Eikenberry, world renowned leadership expert,
Two time bestselling author and Chief Potential Officer of The Kevin Eikenberry Group

“Pushing Me Forward To Do A Much Better Job”

“I love the Complete Entrepreneurial Assistant’s Training & Motivation System Bill got me from Lee Milteer. The motivation from listening to Lee is pushing me forward into doing a much better job in my position. That has always been a goal of mine to do the best that I can for Bill, and he has always provided me with great tools to do so. This program has really helped me complete that goal!! The positivity from Lee is what everyone needs to put into their life, professionally and personally. Thanks, Lee”

Darlene Wallace
Executive Assistant
BGI Marketing Systems


“I personally love the system. I think it is top notch, well thought out and thorough, and that everyone should get their hands on it. It is essential, and the layout of the program is very easy to follow.“

Derek Bindner
Aikido Network Training Centre

Let me tell you about the “OWNER BONUS” that’s specifically designed to teach you how to hire the best and keep the best …

I’ve included (because I know you need it) a special BONUS just for you, the entrepreneur, a $497.00 VALUE!

The bonus includes:

  • A 36-Page complete Hiring Guide with sample job postings, job descriptions interview questions, and application and consent form samples
  • Owner’s Coaching with Lee on How to deal with Staff to invite the best from them.
  • 14-Page Guide for Promoting Employee Retention—(They have to know WHY to give you their best work and energy.)
  • PLUS 49 Ideas for Employee Rewards and Recognition (this takes the guess work out of what to do to inspire and reward your valuable staff and how to do it.)
  • …AND An Owner’s Data Resource CD with employment applications, rating sheet, interview questions, and more so You Don’t Have to Reinvent the Wheel!  All materials designed to make the Owners Life easier and to enjoy running your business.  All DONE FOR YOU.

One of the biggest perks of The Entrepreneurial Assistant Training program is that it’s going to save you a ton of cash and time. You’re not going to have to pay for any expensive off-site training, your staff won’t need time off for training, and you won’t have to pay any off-site expenses. A single, one day workshop (that covers only one topic) costs on average $200, not to mention the time you’d have to pay for your staff to attend. If you’re paying someone $10/hour, that’s $280 for ONE DAY of training.
If you needed your staff person to learn, say, 4 different subjects, you’d be out $1,120.00. And what if you had 2 Staff people? $2,240 for training in 4 subjects? Yikes!! Adds up fast, huh??
You can’t even get this kind of training anywhere else. I’ve looked! Besides, who better to train your new assistant than a very successful entrepreneur’s assistant and a very successful entrepreneur?
So, what is it worth to YOU to have a highly EFFECTIVE Evergreen training and motivation system in place that will teach and support your assistant in every way to make your life EASIER?
Considering that it’s taken us years to compile and organize this resource to be the ultimate productivity tool for you and your assistant, and without it, you’d at least be spending the better part of a year trying to mold your assistant into a BIG PICTURE thinker and money-maker for you … would you pay several thousand dollars to get that time back?
Some of my coaching clients have invested thousands of dollars with me over the years to learn many of the things that are included in this program that will hugely benefit your bottom line because they’ll turn your employee into an ASSET … a money-maker who treats your business as their own.
But you don’t have to spend years learning my secrets. I intend for The Entrepreneurial Assistant’s Training & Motivation Program to be an affordable business tool that will transform your own productivity and ability to produce profit by arming you with everything you need to GET EFFECTIVE HELP.
I’ve conservatively set the price for this system at $1,997.00. I know you’ll find it worth EVERY penny and then some.
There’s no continuity built in or automatic reoccurring charge … you’ll pay a ONE-TIME-ONLY tax-deductible investment of $1,997.00 for The Complete Entrepreneurial Assistant’s Training & Motivation System and you’ll get everything you need to have …

A Well-Trained, Superstar Assistant That Thinks Like You Do, Makes Your Life EASIER, And Makes You MORE MONEY

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 230 Page Resource Guide and Productivity Plan that focuses on the technical aspects of running an entrepreneurial office. It has everything from phone and email etiquette and procedures, to tools to be more effective and productive.
  • 97 of Carly’s Best Money-Saving Resources– Money Saving suppliers and vendors that are used daily at Lee Milteer’s Office. (Carly cut operating costs by 20% the first year she started by using these resources)
  • Pick Me Ups- Because Murphy’s Law is alive and well, and sometimes we just have tough days
  • An Extensive List of Success Habits that your assistant will need to adopt
  • Employee Personal Coaching with Lee Milteer Audio CD
  • Programming for Professionalism Audio CD Training
  • Capitalize on Change Audio CD Training
  • The Entrepreneurial Spirit at Work Audio CD Training
  • Stress Management and Prevention Audio CD Training
  • The Power of Excellence for Creating Prosperity Audio CD Training
  • Goal-Setting: Balance for Career and Personal Life Audio CD Training
  • Reinventing Your Life for Career Success 2 Audio CD Training
  • Create Positive Habits 4 Audio CD Training

Oh, and I should mention that, of course, this system is 100% GUARANTEED …
Take a full 60 days, read everything and listen to everything. BETTER YET … hand it over to your assistant and watch the magic happen.  You won’t be disappointed.  But if you are, for any reason, just say so and return the system.  We’ll give you a FULL and IMMEDIATE REFUND.

Wishing you Massive Success in 2016!

P.S.: Remember, this is about making your life EASIER. This system is about giving you a tool that will train your assistant FOR YOU to be EFFECTIVE, “BIG PICTURE” thinking, and profitable for your business. It’s guaranteed for a full 60 days so you won’t risk a penny. But you have a LESS HEADACHES, more efficient, more productive, MORE PROFITABLE business to gain!


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