As the holidays accelerate toward us, more and more responsibilities appear on our to-do list! If we’re not honest with ourselves, we’ll put everyone else’s needs ahead of our own. Awareness of how much energy we really have to spend can disappear into the seasonal frenzy.

It seems that fatigue is ever-increasing, a more frequent experience, and challenge. You start your week on Monday morning enthused, invigorated, optimistic and motivated to follow-through on goals, plans, and to-do lists. But as the days progress, all that positive energy dissipates. Where does the energy go?

We are made of energy – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The choices you make about spending your life energy have outcomes. Your life is financed by the resources you have available to you. You must be conscious of how you spend the energy you have. If you indiscriminately spend your life energy, you may burn out, you may be too tired to capitalize on the best opportunities as they come along.

Entrepreneurs and salespeople need to preserve time and energy for themselves. You need quality time to make quality decisions. Quality time to create, think, invent and plan, to develop sales, marketing, and profit breakthroughs. You need quality time to network and build relationships. Time is needed to collect and assimilate information.

You also need to schedule time for education and self-renewal, rest and rejuvenation. Make sure you have created time for family, hobbies, and fun as well. These things cannot survive on your left-over time and energy!

Taking control of your time and more carefully spending your energy can be the single biggest step towards extraordinary success you will ever take.

Best to all,


Lee Milteer
Business & Life Strategist
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