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Lee Milteer’s Millionaire Smarts® Coaching


The Critical Link between Knowing and Doing


Could You Use A Monthly Coaching Program For Your Members That…


  • Is Completely and Professionally Done and Delivered to You,
  • Provides Immediately Actionable Solutions to Take You and Your Members to the Next Level of Success,
  • Provides Multi-Media Materials and Expert Interviews that Add to Your Credibility and Celebrity by Association,
  • Consistently Over-Delivers on Content and Makes You look Great,
  • Increases Your Retention
  • Saves You aTon of Time and Work, and
  • Increases Your Sales Power


Then Keep Reading…

“What is Millionaire Smarts® Coaching?”


So often a coach or consultant can provide a client with a roadmap to success; however, the client stays “stuck” and doesn’t move down the path. Fear, guilt, apprehension, or concerns over what others might think holds many entrepreneurs back from the results they are capable of and are so close to achieving.


My Millionaire Smarts® Coaching Program provides crucial breakthroughs past limiting beliefs… and the freedom to confidently spring toward a level of success beyond your imagination for you and your coaching clients!


MillionaireSmarts® is done-for-you add-on coaching program that is designed to meet the needs of a variety of business models. Whether you are a niche marketing coach, a large or small group, a networking organization or a self­ employed entrepreneur – anyone  looking to explode their potential will benefit from the Millionaire Smarts® advantage.


I provide your members with the motivation to follow up on the techniques that you, as a coach, are offering. The material provided in Millionaire Smarts® provides your group with right thinking, accountability, inspiration, motivation & information that takes them to the next level of their success.


Anyone who coaches others knows that  you can have the greatest advice and marketing materials in the world, systems and tools but often times, it’s the self-limiting beliefs, stress, and self-confidence issues – that really hold coaching clients back and hinder their success to reach the profits and success they sign up for with you.


Benefits of Lee Milteer’s Millionaire Smarts® Coaching as told by Dan Kennedy
Lee Milteer and Dan Kennedy

The Millionaire Smarts® Coaching Program improves the results and retention of your business coaching program. Since the program launch in 2003, we’ve found that there’s a positive impact on compliance, retention, and dissention, translating measurable to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in profits that would otherwise be lost.

From the Coach’s standpoint, he gets terrific added value to support his selling of his coaching program or franchise or other service, and the improved compliance, retention, and ascension of his members, all at a very modest, actually nearly insignificant cost amortized over the number of participants.

Who is a Good Fit?


  • Entrepreneurs
  • Sales Professionals
  • FranchiseGroups
  • Niche Marketing Coaches
  • Master Mind Groups
  • Business Clubs
  • Associations
  • Business Owners

…Anyone who wants to break through self-imposed limitations and take the final leap to success!




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